Engagement Initiatives

Research by various institute has concluded that when employees are engaged at work they are more productive, drive higher levels of profitability, are more customer-focused, and more likely to stay with their current employer.

For those with low engagement levels, it is possible to improve employee engagement by creating a comprehensive effort designed to link individual contributions to the desired business outcomes for every employee, manager, and leader in the organization.

We provide services by designing tailor made initiatives after :

1. Understanding “Why?” And channelize energies from “What to do” to “Want to do”
2. Evaluating the current level of disengagement in your Organization.
3. Emphasis on critical areas that drives engagement.
4. Connect with employee with larger picture and long term individual goals.
5. Use of effective tools and technologies based on the need.

Few best examples of Engagements are :

  • Assign a buddy/mentor for every new comer
  • Have themed office days
  • Encourage volunteering
  • Remind people your company’s mission and values
  • Recognize and encourage innovation
  • Celebrate achievements
  • Celebrate people
  • Give and receive feedback
  • Get social
  • Get answers from your employees as well